Street Food In Shillong

Street Food In Shillong – The natural wonders of Shillong are what first draw visitors, but the cuisine is what keeps them coming back. This is the place to be if you like meat.

There are several food booths and restaurants serving delicious food, mixing it up with dishes from different cuisines (local, North Indian, Chinese, Bengali, and Assamese).

Shillong is one of those spots where you can satiate your appetite thanks to the abundance of Street Food In Shillong.

Shillong, in particular, and the northeastern part of India are well known for its delicious cuisine. It’s not only about the traditional Khasi cuisine; both locals and visitors to Shillong adore the city’s street food.

Even though several of these goodies are offered throughout the nation, Shillong is the best at serving them. Here are our top recommendations for Shillong’s street cuisine. All these foods are also considered the Most Famous Food In India.

Street Food In Shillong

Tungrymbai- Many residents in Shillong line up at little street booths to get their daily fill of Tungrymbai. The meal is well-liked in Meghalaya. This dish is prepared with fermented soybeans.

Due to the fact that these soybeans are exclusively grown here, this dish is distinctive. Except for North-East India, you won’t be able to locate this meal anyplace else in India.

It goes well with bread or rotis. You may get tungrymbai in neighborhood markets and on Shillong’s streets. This is one of the dishes that one cannot easily find in Restaurants In Raipur, Dehradun, Noida, Meerut or other Indian cities. So, you can consider it as a true taste of Meghalaya.

Dohneiiong- Another Shillong favorite that you shouldn’t miss. Soy sauce and black sesame seeds are used to fry the pork.

Toasted sesame seeds, which are frequently used in Chinese cuisine, elevate this meal to entirely new heights. Many food stands in and around the main city center, as well as close to the Police Bazaar, sell dohneiiong.

Momos- Even if you’ve had momos before, you must taste them in this location. Momos, which are popular in India’s northeast, are best enjoyed with a spicy-tangy chutney (a blend of dried red chilies and vinegar).

Many restaurants and street vendors in Shillong provide hot, fresh momos with a variety of fillings to neighborhood diners. People love momos, especially the pork and chicken varieties. Momos are also considered as the best street food In Raipur.

Momo is one of the food items which can be easily addressed anywhere in India. You can order Momo at Restaurants In Champa Gali Delhi, Meerut, Indore or anywhere else in India.

Smoked meats- In Shillong and throughout northeast India, smoked meats are highly well-liked. Everywhere you look in the city, and even more frequently outside, you’ll find people smoking meat.

There are restaurants and food stalls all around serving these smoked meats. Smoking is a very common cooking method among many locals, whether it be for chicken or pig. In Shillong, smoked and grilled meats are consumed throughout the colder seasons.

Jadoh- This dish is a specialty of Shillong. Rice topped with a variety of herbs, including mint leaves and ginger flowers, along with pig meat that packs a great punch, is drowned in a delectable mixture of sour and spicy. Jadoh is a Meghalayan delicacy that can be found all throughout Shillong’s streets.

Dohkhlieh- Local restaurants prepare Dohkhlieh, a well-known pig dish without a set recipe, in a variety of ways. Every morning, women from the community bring their mixture to the marketplace. It might be compared to a salad created with pork, onions, and regional flavors.

Chowmein- Chowmein, a food that is not indigenous to Shillong, is particularly well-liked by the locals. It is made using egg noodles on industrial-sized street tables and is extremely hot and spicy.

Onions, garlic, ginger, and other spices are used in this dish, which is typically served with chicken or pork and a bed of noodles. Most neighborhood Chinese eateries and markets in and around Shillong provide the dish.

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Pukhlein- Pukhlein, another well-liked meal in Meghalaya, is made from fermented rice. Almost every restaurant in Shillong will serve it because it is one of the few sweets available there.

Chilly Pork- The Meghalayan food scene includes a significant amount of Indo-Chinese cuisine. You may eat a lot of Indo-Chinese food in Shillong. Chilli pork is possibly the most well-known of them all. Local Chinese cuisine booths provide freshly prepared spicy and hot chilly pork servings at extremely affordable prices in the main market area.

Pineapples- In Shillong, pineapples are widely accessible. It makes the most sense to find the enormous Kew variety. It’s incredibly tasty. Street sellers may be found selling cleaned, sliced pineapples with a tangy masala sprinkled on top.

The pineapples are sweet and soft. This fruit is available at any neighborhood market. Pineapple is considered the Most Healthy Eating Options in Restaurants or on the street side.


A cuisine lover’s delight, Shillong. The city has a wide variety of food establishments, making selection challenging. Although Shillong has a wide variety of street delicacies, these are some of the best to eat while you are there.

Does your state or city have the same variety of meals as Shillong? What are some of the most popular street food delicacies in your city and state that people should try? We are quite curious to know.

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