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Connaught Place in Delhi may have a plethora of high-end boutiques, high-end stores, and trendy restaurants and bars, but it is the tiny street food booths and their Street Food In CP on every corner that attract hundreds of foodies every day. Central Delhi’s gastronomic offerings range from delicious chole bhature to tangy bhel puri and soul-refreshing coffee to the comfortable pan.

So, if you’re a true foodie, forego the fine dishes and opulent decor for a while and head to one of the city’s street food joints to feast on some delectable treats. We can assure you that Delhi, especially Connaught Place offers Most Famous Food In India. So you must not miss out on these delectable meals.

Best Street Food In CP [Delicious Delhi]

Best Street Food In CP

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is one of the Best Street Food In CP. Well, to inform you chole bhature is a delectable combination of spicy and flavorful chole (chickpeas) with fluffy hot bhature is the ultimate north Indian delight.

Chole bhature, a Punjabi delicacy, is a tantalizing mix of earthy Indian spices, mixed perfectly with boiling chickpeas in a hearty tomato and onion mixture. This delectable meal has earned its position and appeal all over the world when served with puffy, filled bhaturas.

Chole bhature holds a particular place in Delhi’s heart; there are numerous spots in Connaught Place where you may indulge in this delicacy to your heart’s content. Moreover, like a tradition, there must be a chole bhature vendor in every neighborhood of Delhi.

But to inform you CP serves the most delectable, mouth-watering Chole bhature. Another option could be Restaurants In Greater Kailash. Yes, there is this street restaurant, the finest and the Best Restaurant In GK 2 that serves authentic Punjabi Chole Bhature. If you are anywhere around Greater Kailash, you must try them out.

Bhel Puri

Bhel Puris are crunchy, tangy, and, most importantly, tasty. It is the perfect bite to grab when seeking a zesty street snack, whether Bombay-style or not. Bhel Puri in CP is one of the most popular destinations to try authentically prepared Bhel Puri and Sev Puri. It is a traditional Indian dish with potatoes, onions, chat masala, and chutney.

It has a traditional taste with a wonderful combination of sweet and spicy ingredients. Along with deliciousness, Bhel Puri is also one of the Healthiest Eating Options At Restaurants, or we must say street restaurants. CP Bhel Puri corners also serve Jhaal Muri, the Kolkata variant of Bhel Puri, and other few varieties.


If you want to try out authentic Street Food In CP, try out Kulcha. Many of these old Connaught Place eateries feature genuine Indian cuisine and are great places to try out various kinds of kulchas! These stalls serve authentic kulchas at a reasonable price.

From Amritsari kulcha to Nutri kulcha, all the varieties are available in the narrow streets of Connaught Place. Without a doubt, these street vendors deserve all the praise for their flavorful cuisines. They serve the most delicious and Tasty Street Food In CP.

The best street food of CP is their thick kulcha, which is fried in butter till golden brown. With so many options on the menu, we were smitten by each and every kulcha we tried! Try out the Masala Paneer Kulcha with Meethi Lassi if you love spiciness with a hint of sweetness. Also, if you are worried about hygiene then you can even also search for the Best Restaurant In Noida and you will find a lot of options out there.


The tradition of ending a dinner with a meetha paan coming for the centuries, and so on is one of the Famous Street Food In CP. It is an emblem of Indian hospitality that is no longer limited to Indian society but has also spread to western countries.

A paan is produced by wrapping supari (areca nut), elaichi (cardamom), slaked lime, loung (clove), mulethi (licorice root), mint, sweetened coconut, gulkand, cherries, and a variety of saunfs around supari (areca nut), elaichi (cardamom), slaked lime, mint, sweetened coconut, gulkand, cherries.

The majority of the street vendors provide some great, unusual paan flavors that are completely tobacco-free! The paan is amazing not just in terms of taste but also in terms of appearance. Each paan is presented with ice shavings and elegant glasses on a polished brass tray, giving off the impression of a royal treat.

Given the popularity of paans, you will find several unusual yet delicious flavors. These paans include as Shaan-e-Amar Colony, Shaan-e-Romeo Juliet, Santa Banta, flirt paan, fire paan, chuski paan, chocolate paan, strawberry paan, and more in the street of Connaught Place.


Caffeine addicts (like you and us) always desire our pure shot of coffee. In addition to that, we like it iced. Whether it’s on a sunny spring afternoon, early morning, or even warm evening. Cold coffees are a summertime dream and the most well-known Street Food near Connaught Place. Connaught Place, not just us, but most Delhiites, believe that it serves superb and wonderful cold coffee.


Street Food In CP

The inner and outer circles of CP are densely packed with street food vendors. These are inexpensive, and you can’t go wrong with street food. As soon as you begin exploring the streets around Connaught Place, you will notice how incredibly diverse the cuisine selections are in this circle in the heart of Delhi! So, we highly advise you to try out the Famous Street Food In CP along with your friends and family.

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