Famous Street Food In Bangalore

Bangalore is a metropolis of people, colors, and culture and serves as Silicon Valley and India’s IT hub. Additionally, it is the metropolis of mouth-watering and opulent treats that you simply cannot resist! We’ve selected the top street foods in Bangalore from its dazzling variety of delectable cuisine for you to experience before you depart.

The exquisite food produced on Bangalore’s streets is no less delicious than the regional and international cuisines served at five-star restaurants. The lack of seats in these shops is more than made up for by the deliciousness of the cuisine offered. In this blog, we put together the top Famous Street Food In Bangalore that will blow your mind and even you can also locate the Korean Restaurant In Bangalore here at Ourrestaurant.

Famous Street Food In Bangalore

Mangalore Buns – Mangalore Bun, a specialty of the Udupi region, is a sweet, soft, and fluffy puri made of bananas. These simple to prepare Mangalore banana buns are typically enjoyed with sambhar and coconut chutney. Start with them if you’re looking for the best street food in Bangalore, the city is itself one of the Best Foodie Cities In India.

Daal Ombattu – The Mysore region’s traditional cuisine, ombattu, is also a favorite street food in Bangalore. Dal Obbattu, also known as bobbatlu or puran poli in the region, is made using toor dal, flour, Rava, jaggery, and cardamom powder.

It is a treat enjoyed during celebrations like Diwali and Ugadi. Ghee is sprinkled on top of the hot obbattu when it is served. The food itself also one of the most consumed food in Best Restaurants In Raipur, so if you didn’t try this food item, then go for it now. You will actually find it delicious.

The South Indian Breakfast – The best street food in Bangalore is without a doubt the South Indian breakfast, which consists of boiling hot idlis, tender vadas, and crispy dosas. These south Indian delicacies are readily available, reasonably priced, and incredibly delicious.

The ideal accompaniments for them are hot sambhar and coconut chutney. Neer dosa, which is sold at various establishments, is a staple of Karnataka cuisine. Among Bangalore’s street foods, it is unquestionably the best to try. It is also one of the Healthy Eating Options At Restaurants.

Crunchy Rolls – Crunchy rolls with some of the tastiest fillings. This is one of the most Famous Street Food In Bangalore. Plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian rolls are available on the street foods menu, which will have you returning for more. Because trying out more than one roll at a single go is rather impossible.

Neer Dosa – Neer is a word that symbolizes water. It is a piece of the Udupi region in Mangalore. It is served with potato kurma or vegetarian sagu. Vegetables can be packed inside of them to significantly increase flavor.

Rice dosa and neer dosa are related. This is one of the Most Famous Food In India, if you didn’t try it before, then you should give it a try if you call yourself a true foodie.

It is entirely made of rice. It is a fairly well-known dish in Karnataka and is served with sambar and chutney. Due to its delicious Culinary Bangalore falls under 3+ Best Foodie Cities In India.

Bele Bhat Bisi – The traditional Bangalore dish is called Bisi Bele Bhat. Rice, dal, and veggies are used in its preparation. Being prepared with more vegetables makes it incredibly healthful. It tastes strongly like masala and coconut. When prepared with ghee, it would taste even more amazing. Bele Bhat Bisi is one of the Most Famous Food In India.


So as you can see, Bangalore has a tonne of street food establishments that are well-known among the people, just like other major cities. Take a cue from our list and visit one of these restaurants depending on the type of food you enjoy because there is nothing better than a hot noodle shop or some sour gol gappas when it comes to sampling delicious foods for a reasonable price.

In addition, Bangalore’s culinary scene has developed as a result of the increase in visitors from throughout the nation. We hope that these locations will satisfy your hunger when we next travel on a food trail through Bangalore.

So gather your group and start looking for the ideal restaurant where you can have some sincere chats without burning a hole in your wallet. Please feel free to add anything to the list in the comments section below.

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