Saket Street Food

Saket Street Food is an important aspect of Delhi’s culture. When a visitor arrives in Delhi, they are advised to visit some of the city’s greatest fast food or street food restaurants, which define the city’s flavour. In India, fast food has expanded at an exponential rate; it tastes wonderful, is fulfilling, and has the added benefit of being affordable.

Furthermore, you can find some of the Best Street Food In Saket here on Ourrestaurant. Here is a list of Saket Street Food that you have to try if you ever visit the area. From traditional fast food such as Aloo Tikki to adopted street foods like momos, all are here for you to enjoy.

Saket Street Food [Delhi’s Real Taste]

Saket Street Food

Aloo Tikki – Everything is incomplete without the delectable Aloo Tikki, whether it’s a wedding, a house party, a market stall, or a trip to the mall. Despite the fact that its actual origin is uncertain, it can be found in every area of the country. Tikki is something that will attract your eye every time you go to a street food stall.

But if you want to savour the authentic flavours of Tikki then it can only be found in the streets of Sakte, Delhi. We are assuming that you are well aware of the popularity of Street Food In Saket. Moreover, Aloo Tikki is one of the popular cuisines to try while wandering Saket streets.

To prepare hot and crispy Tikkis, mashed potatoes are blended with spices and fried. They serve this with tamarind chutney or with a combination of tamarind and mint. That is why we call it a flavour explosion. A few vendors add garlic and onion to the meal to enhance the flavour.

Apart from the Aloo Tikki at Saket if you want to try something more, then you can also go for Chandni Chowk Street Food and you will actually experience the taste of amazing delicious street food with some traditional species and lots of love.

Golgappa/ Pani Puri/ Phuchkas – This tangy, minty street food dish, also known as Gol Gappa and Pani Puri, is the ultimate remedy for all your mood swings. Stereotypically, Puchka’s are insanely popular among Indian women. But we believe that this flavour exploding Saket Street Food can make anyone happy, not just women. Additionally, they taste best when purchased from a roadside stall.

No one could have predicted how delicious mashed potato and boiling chickpeas dipped in coriander water and tamarind paste would taste. In addition, the spicier it gets, the better it becomes. So, what are you waiting for? Get some for yourself from your neighbourhood street seller if you are a Saket resident. While in case you are not, then we highly recommend you to visit these Street Food Near Saket, along with your family.

Naan – If you’re craving a mouthwatering platter of traditional North Indian cuisine, this is the place to go! The Street restaurants of Saket serve a scrumptious platter of Naan, complete with zesty sabzi, dal, raita, pickled onions, and buttery naans, and are infused with a variety of traditional flavours in their meals. Isn’t this plate really delicious?

Lassi – Saket is a lassi lover’s paradise. No one can deny that they provide some of the best lassis in Delhi. So, the next time you’re in Saket for shopping or sightseeing, make a point of stopping by and sampling the greatest lassi in the city. If you are a true lassi fan, you must pay a visit to Saket.

Here you can sample a variety of lassi flavours. As you walk down the street, you’ll notice a variety of lassi tastes, including Kesar Lassi, Mango Lassi, Malai Lassi, Banana Lassi, Jeera Lassi, Almond Lassi, and Strawberry Lassi, all of which are fresh, thick, and creamy, just the way they should be.

Kathi Role – Saket is well-known for its cuisine. The vendors of Saket Street Food produce large, juicy, and delicious Kathi rolls at very low costs. The roti is wafer-thin, allowing you to fully appreciate the contents of the roll.

Their rolls are crispy, juicy, and stuffed to the brim, leaving you wanting more. In addition to that, if you ask them, the street vendors can also cook your roll in olive oil. We can assure you that Saket is the destination if you have been seeking scrumptious Kathi rolls everywhere.

Also, if you want to try something Chinese at a premium location then you can try the Best Chinese Restaurant In CP and there you will actually experience the real Chinese taste. However, for some desi people, we have Saket street foods that are going on in this list.

Momos – If you’re in Saket, do stop by this famous Momos place of Delhi, “Saket”. Saket Street corners serve a range of delectable momos. Because of the low prices and wide range of momos available on the street corners, the stall is rarely vacant. You must visit these little eateries in Saket Delhi if you want to enjoy some of the best and cheapest momos in the city.

Although the atmosphere isn’t ideal, the vendors here serve some of the best momos in Saket, if not all of Delhi. Various stalls will be serving a range of stalls, including afghani momos, cocktail momos, chicken momos, steaming momos, and more.


Eating street food can bring absolute joy to the moment you are at the place. Because street food is something you sit with the various people, either rich or poor, you sit at the same home, eat the same food, and pay the same. That is something fantastic, and of course, the chef actually making the food knows his art very deeply, so you will feel that essence very genuinely. You can try any street food we have mentioned above, and all are delicious and have their own taste and feel.

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