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Ghaziabad is such a large city in India’s Uttar Pradesh state. It is a historic industrial city that is now part of the National Capital Region of Delhi, located roughly 42 kilometres from Delhi. Kill your insatiable hunger pangs at Restaurant In Ghaziabad. We can assure you that the various dining scene here can surprise anyone here.

As you navigate the bustling thoroughfares of ancient Ghaziabad’s marketplace, you will notice that this busy commercial area is also a foodie’s paradise. Additionally, traditional and modern favourites are mixed into the street food here. Many of the old food stalls are over 65 years old or older, and they gave us a taste of Old Delhi.

Despite the influx of modern and worldwide influences, the bulk of the populace still enjoys the zesty traditional street food fares like Chaats, Moonglet, Dahi Bhalla, and so on, and Restaurants In Ghaziabad are famous for that.

There are several excellent Restaurants In Ghaziabad with dishes and stories that will make you fall in love with them. If you are fond of trying Indian Traditional food, we highly recommend the Restaurant In Ghaziabad, and of course Ourrestaurant is going to help you to find out the best one for you in Ghaziabad.


As you visit our Restaurant In Ghaziabad, Hunger pangs, you will be pleased after receiving a warm welcome from our well-educated and friendly staff. We assure you to we provide good surroundings, highly trained staff, and exceptional food at our Best Restaurant In Ghaziabad. Our customers can expect the quality of products and consistent services.

While talking about the consistent services, we would also like to mention that our highly educated and well-trained staff also takes required measures for your safety against the virus. Therefore, you can bring your child or adult parents to our Ghaziabad Restaurants without hesitation. Here is the list of safety measures we take:

  • Follow the 4 key steps to food safety; Always – Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill.
  • Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize food contact surfaces, dishwasher, utensils, food preparation surfaces, and beverages equipment after use.
  • Wash hands with soap frequently.
  • Sanitize hands with at least 20% alcohol-based sanitiser.
Restaurant Ghaziabad


Hunger Pangs is one of the Famous Restaurants In Ghaziabad known for its excellent customer service. As an established Restaurant In Ghaziabad, we understand that we have to make customers feel more at home to feel much more relaxed while they dine. We have set up warm lighting and slow music to set a cozy and relaxing environment. The ambience at Hunger Pangs is mesmerizing and soothing. We are sure that everyone will enjoy the vibe at our Restaurant Ghaziabad, Hunder Pangs.

If you visit one of the most exemplary Ghaziabad Restaurants, Hunder Pangs, you will be stunned to find the variety of dishes and their unique flavours. Some of the finest cooks cook all the pizza and pasta sauces at our Restaurants In Ghaziabad Raj Nagar.

So that you can never forget the taste of Hunger Pangs. The food prepared in the kitchens of Hunger Pangs is fresh, made from the scatch yet on time. So if you are tired of repeated flavours of food and yearning to try out something new, flavorful, and delicious, then Hunger pangs are your way, my friend. The restaurant is associated with one of the best marketplaces of Restaurants and Cafes “Ourrestaurant” which help you to find the restaurants and food places everywhere in India.

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Hunger Pangs, one of the finest Restaurants In Vaishali Ghaziabad, feels delighted to serve you. Our restaurant is ideal for small and large gatherings, and you can conduct functions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and a family or friends get-togethers with us. All we ask for is just preliminary information regarding the event so that we can prepare and book a spot as per your requirements.

We would be pleased to serve you and your loved ones at our top Restaurants In RDC Ghaziabad if given a chance. You would be delighted to know that our restaurant is feasible and affordable. So you do not need to worry about paying blood-sucking bills at our Restaurants In Vasundhara Ghaziabad. Also, even if you are planning to visit any city in India like Dehradun, Bareilly, Bangalore etc, then we are also helping people to find out the Restaurant In Dehradun, even you can also find the Korean Restaurant In Bangalore with us, and of course we can also help you locate the Restaurants In Bareilly as per your requirements.


We believe that one of the most memorable parts of a restaurant is the level of customer service provided. Investing in the proper suppliers and personnel can also have a significant impact on the atmosphere in your restaurant. As we all know, customer service can make or break a person’s experience! So, our staff not only serve you, we also also help you to choose cuisine wisely, either you want to order something healthy at restaurant or even if you want to order something tasty as well.

Investing in the proper human resources is critical to any business’s success, not just restaurants’. Each crew member serves as an extension of the brand and should embody the attitude we want our restaurant to project to its patrons.

We’ve hired friendly, outgoing staff with excellent communication skills, which will go a long way toward helping us create a memorable experience and atmosphere. We are glad to admit that it is something that our customers adore!

About us

Hunger Pangs has traditionally been associated with outstanding international cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, and Indian cuisines. Our restaurant is one of the greatest. In Ghaziabad, the restaurant specializes in hand-made tofu, superb sushi, and a grilling technique known as bincho-tan, which uses Kyoto charcoal. There are 400 labels on the wine list, and 10 types of sake are available.

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CUSTOMER REVIEWS | Restaurants In Ghaziabad

Here’s what our customers have to say regarding the services of our Restaurant In Ghaziabad, Hunder Pangs.

Shreya – “The restaurant is a five-star establishment featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. I ate breakfast and dinner and thoroughly enjoyed both. The cuisine and menu are delicious. A nice spot for a small gathering. They feature a large buffet menu with lots of variety and different cuisine.”

Priyanshi – “Last weekend I went to Hunger Pangs along with friends, I have to say that we had a mesmerizing experience there. The food was excellent, as was the service (although a bit slow). This one of the finest Restaurants In Ghaziabad RDC was entirely full later in the evening due to the quality and quantity of food.We were startled to find the way COVID measures were taken. Additionally, the hotel manager made sure of the strict enforcement of covid measures, and hotel management/staff/employees made a superb effort to police them.”

Rashmi – “I was looking for the best restaurants in Ghaziabad when I came across this incredible eatery. It could be a wholly vegetarian or non-vegetarian restaurant, depending on your preferences. The variety and flavor of the food are incredible, and the ambiance is fantastic. The staff is extremely kind and helpful, and the cooks are on another level. Food is organized in large parts according to cuisine. I never imagined such a fantastic feast.”

Ashish – “As soon as you walk into Hunger Pangs, one of the Best Restaurants In Ghaziabad, you will notice the lovely cozy vibes and the unique ambience and modern interior. It features both indoor and outdoor seating. The view from here is breathtaking. The buffet and ala carte menus are enormous, and the packed tables attest to how much the diners love the incredible variety of food.

Shantanu – All of the dishes were delicious and packed with flavour, starting with welcome drinks, soups, appetizers, and main courses (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian). A live counter is also available. I thoroughly enjoyed their Dessert, which offered a wide variety of alternatives. Along with our Indian delicacies, the coconut creme brulee was a hit. The hospitality was the best part. I’d want to express my gratitude to the manager and staff for their incredible hospitality. Overall, I had the best experience here. “This is my new favorite restaurant in town; the buffet is incredible. The most admirable individuals here are extremely warm and welcoming. They supported me after adapting to my own preferences, elevating my experience from good to fantastic. If you come here, you must try the Mezze Platter.”