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Did it get cash to splash? Visiting The Naan House, Best Restaurant In Boring road, Patna partnered with Ourrestaurant “The Best Market Place To Locate The Best Restauranr Near You” is the right spot for it. Bihar’s capital city holds a rich historical past on its shoulders. The city’s legacy is complemented by a unique gastronomic culture that is a tradition in and of itself. Patna may have developed the reputation of being a chaotic city, but exotic is the term that best describes it when it comes to its culinary delights and of course here you can see some of India’s Famous Food as well..

In the land of biryanis, Nihari, and dosas, however, food is hardly discussed beyond the humble sattu drink and litti chokha. These may be the soul food of the city and the entire state of Bihar. Nonetheless, they are not representative of the massive range of highly delectable things that make this country’s food appealing.

So if you want to try out Patna’s delicacies from the best hands, The Naan House, Best Restaurant In Boring Road, is what you might want to try. The Naan House is a beautiful dining establishment that will certainly catch your attention. Everything flickers and shimmers in the interiors, designed by a renowned Indian fashion designer.

A backdrop of rich crimson velvet curtains and exposed masonry frames candles, mirrors, chandeliers, and an ornate glass dome. The menu comprises contemporary Indian food and a special tasting menu with tiny quantities of a variety of dishes. Also The wine list at the restaurant is very remarkable. Which make it an ideal choice, even for those who visits the Restaurant In CP, Restaurant In Noida, or even Best Restaurants In Dehradun as well.


As you visit our Restaurant In Boring Road, you will find out that the host will greet you with a warm welcoming attitude. Later our extremely polite staff will guide you to the table and familiarize you with the best sellers, specialities, and other dishes as per your taste and desires. In addition to that, our staff can also arrange some corner or niche area for couples to enjoy a more romantic experience and spend some quality time with each other.

The Naan House is the Best Restaurant In Boring Road. We accommodate everyone from couples to families to friends, and we have seatings available for every group at our Roti Restaurant Boring Road. In addition to that, The Naan House is known as one of the Cheap And Best Restaurants In Boring Road due to its affordability and service, which offers so many healthy eating options at restaurant.

Additionally, we have taken some preventive measures while keeping the pandemic in mind so that you can bring your loved ones here stress-free. Also, following the rise of food delivery services we do offer take away services as well.

  • We keep a physical distance of at least 6 feet between ourselves.
  • Face masks and coverings are required.
  • For your safety, The Naan House, as one of the Top Restaurants In Boring Rado, carefully maintains respiratory etiquette. This requires covering one’s mouth and nose with a tissue, handkerchief, or flexed elbow while coughing or sneezing and properly discarding used tissues.
  • We use thermal imaging to screen our employees before allowing them to serve food.
  • All employees and customers must wash their hands often with soap and water (for at least 40-60 seconds).
  • We have alcohol-based hand sanitiser stations installed around the facility.

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Go to The Naan House if you want to have a delicious lunch in a pleasant setting. We serve South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian cuisine at our restaurants near Boring Road Chauraha.

From biryanis and dosas to soups and chowmein, there’s something for everyone on the broad menu. The best part is that our quantities are pretty generous so that you may enjoy budget-friendly dining at any time.

The food alone is not the only best thing about The Naan House, but the ambience adds life to this Boring Road Restaurant. Everything is subtle and calming, from lighting to music to crafts at this restaurant.

If you are tired after slogging the whole week and need a relaxation session, we highly recommend you visit our Top Restro In Boring Road. One of the essential variables in determining the ambience of ourspace is lighting. We acknowledge the fact that lighting can make or break how the guest feels in a room and whether or not they would return to our restaurant based on the quality of the encounter. As one of the Top restaurants In Boring Road, we have created a friendly and comfortable environment that can improve your experience and make you feel good.

Also, for those who are planning to visit some other locations. We can also help you locate the Best Restaurants In Raipur, Bareilly’s Best Restaurant, Best Restaurant In Champa Gali etc. Ourrestaurant becomes one of the ideal place for all the foodies to find out the best eating place at their preferred location or in any city wherever they visit or live.


The term The Naan House has become synonymous with delicious and genuine Indian cuisine. Chefs from all around India are stirring up and delivering authentic dishes from a wide range of cooking right in the heart of Patna. With a classy setting and well-mannered staff, the location checks all the boxes for an excellent eating experience. The restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding places to dine with family and friends.

Here are some of the services you can expect at one of the Top Restaurants In Boring Road if given a chance:

  • We provide free internet access.
  • On weekends, there are live music evenings.
  • Our customers receive a complimentary birthday or special occasion cake.
  • We have a wine tasting every Sunday.
  • Tha Naan House offers regular customers a 50% discount on their visit once a month.

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We are confident that you will return after your first visit to Our Restaurant On Boring Road. After considering all of the elements, including food, ambience, location, and, most importantly, our well-trained and educated crew, you will be convinced to return.

Our Restro in Boring Road team has mastered the art of customer service to assure your return and referrals to friends and family. We recognize that most of you go to restaurants to dine in a pleasant atmosphere. As a result, good customer service is a critical component of client happiness.

For example, a well-trained waiter greets clients with courtesy and goes out of his way to provide them with unique service. 

About us

The Naan House has won numerous accolades, including “Best Restaurant on Boring Road”, “Best Indian Restaurant”, etc. This restaurant is known for its rustic setting, open cooking, juicy kebabs, and gigantic naan bread and is located in the best location, Boring Road. Also, especially on weekends, make a reservation well in advance.



If you do not like playing with their tastebuds and are still curious to try out the Best Restaurants Boring Road, let these reviews help you make your decision.

“I recently visited The Naan House for its amazing ambiance and food. And guess what? The place vibe is next level, which gives positive vibes, the service was good, and there are many varieties in the main course to try, tandoori items and desserts, the taste & combination of spices is just love, they are maintaining the proper quality of food & they are also taking care of hygiene, This is a must-see spot.”

“The Naan House was a treat to visit; the staff was pleasant, courteous, and really helpful. The manager of The Naan House made certain that everyone felt at ease. Breakfast was served here, and I must say that the spread was enormous and tasty at this Boaring Road Best Restaurant. Above all, one of the staff members was present during the breakfast hour, and their nice demeanor and helpful nature contributed to a wonderful morning. Again, the staff was quite helpful and kind, and they would take care of the guests. The entire staff was quite pleasant. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

“I had a fantastic day at the Naan House the staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. It is a large and one of the Best Restaurants Near Boaring Road with a wide variety of delectable dishes. The food and atmosphere of the restaurant, in particular, created a lasting sensation of longing. The way each item was prepared was fascinating.”

“This is the place to go if you want delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere. The atmosphere is lively, and the cuisine is both attractively presented and excellent. I tried the walnut and grape salad and the tortellini pasta, which were both delicious. The pizza and paneer sandwiches were both tasty and filling. The shakes were thick and perfect inconsistency. I also had the blueberry mojito, which had small blueberry bits in it and was delicious. This is one of the best Restaurants In Boaring Road Area and a must-see for the atmosphere and, of course, the food.”

“The Naan House is a hidden gem and the best eatery among Boaring Road All Restaurants. Patna is fortunate to have a restaurant like The Naan House, in my opinion. I frequent this outlet, and it never disappoints me. So, starting with the shakes, it offers the best Kitkat shake in town. When you drink Kitkat Shake here, you will forget about all other shakes. There is nothing like this. Also delicious are the Freaky Brownie Shake, Five Star Shake, and Oreo Shake. In terms of food, the Paneer Tikka Sandwich, Bbq Cottage Cheese Bruschettas, and White Sauce Pasta are all must-tries. From the elegant ambiance to the delectable food, this outlet is not to be missed. You must must must try out this Best Boaring Road Cafe And Restaurant.”