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KFC Menu Prices

KFC Menu Prices – KFC, formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken, is the world’s second largest restaurant chain, known for its diverse chicken KFC menu and trailing only McDonald’s in terms of revenue. It’s become synonymous with fast-food fried chicken, although it also provides additional fast-food options. 

When Colonel Sanders first offered his fried chicken recipe to restaurant owners in the 1950s, the tagline “it’s finger-lickin’ good!” was born. Today, that tagline may appear on every KFC menu package, alongside Colonel Sander’s smiling face and “well-shaped goatee.” Colonel Sanders became famous for his unique and tempting 11 spices and herbs, which are still a mystery or, better still, a trade secret today in KFC menus globally!

Of course, according to the catchy tagline, KFC’s menu: fried chicken bucket, is highly popular with many people, and you must try it when you consider the KFC chicken menu. Aside from fried chicken, KFC veg menus can also make you puzzled about which meal to order when you visit.

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In this article,‘Ourrestaurantwill go over top items on the KFC menu card. We will give you all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on what to order from KFC menu India along with KFC menu prices & kfc bucket price. Our restaurant’ community sacrificed their arteries and blood pressure as foodies to let you experience some finger-lickin’ excellent delicacies!

KFC Menu Prices | KFC Chicken Bucket

Stay Home Bucket₹749
Big 12₹699
Chizza Feast₹479
2 Popcorn Rice Bowls with 8 Hot Wings₹499
Solo Bucket₹349
6 Pc Hot & Crispy Chicken₹499
Chicken & Fries Bucket₹199
Buddy Meal₹450
Mingles Bucket₹299
Large Popcorn with Medium Fries₹299
Friendship Bucket₹650
10 pc Chicken Strips & Dips Bucket₹449
Chicken Rice Bowl₹150
10 pc Leg Piece Bucket & 4 Dips₹699
5 pc Leg Piece Bucket & 2 Dips₹350
Big 12₹699
Stay Home Bucket₹749
10 pc Chicken Strips & Dips Bucket₹449
Big Savings Bucket₹649
Ultimate Savings Bucket₹599
Friendship Bucket₹650
8 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken₹650
6 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken₹499
KFC Favorites₹399
Chick & Share₹399
Large Popcorn with Medium Fries₹299
KFC Favorites₹399
Buddy Meal₹450
Classic Chicken Zinger Burger₹150
Cheesy Chicken Zinger Burger₹170
Mixed Zinger Burger Duo₹309
Classic Chicken Zinger Burger & Fries Combo₹235
Classic Chicken Zinger-Fries & Drinks Meal₹295
Classic Chicken Zinger Combo₹275
Classic Chicken Zinger Combo Large₹325
Veg Zinger & Fries Combo₹225
Veg Zinger-Fries & Drinks Meal₹285
Veg Zinger Burger₹140
Cheesy Chicken Zinger with Fries Combo₹259
Rice Bowls
Chicken Rice Bowl₹150
2 Popcorn Rice Bowls with 8 Hot Wings₹499
Popcorn Rice Duo₹210
Veg Rice Bowl₹150
Solo Bucket₹349
Mingles Bucket₹299
Large Popcorn₹220
4 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken₹380
2 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken₹200
Chicken & Fries Bucket₹199
6 pc Chicken Boneless Strips₹215
4 pc Hot Chicken Wings₹150
3 pc Chicken Boneless Strips₹150
4 Pc Hot Chicken Wings-Fries & Drink Meal₹295
4 Pc Veg Strips₹140
Medium Fries₹95
Pack of 2 Dips₹50
Pack of 4 Dips₹90
Pepsi Pet₹60
Pepsi Black CAN 330ml₹60
Pepsi CAN 330ml₹60
7Up CAN 330ml₹60
Mirinda CAN 330ml₹60
Red Bull Energy Drink₹160
  1. KFC Fried Chicken: KFC India

Many people enjoy KFC’s fried chicken, which is one of the restaurant’s most popular KFC menu items and is priced reasonably according to the KFC menu price list. This KFC menu India is separated into two sections: original and crispy. There is a noticeable difference in this KFC menu on the surface of the chicken skin, which is the variant.

The original fried chicken features chicken skin that is softer or less crispy, and it has a spicy flavours. The KFC variant fried chicken with skin crispy has a crispy or crunchy feel since it is coated in KFC’s proprietary seasoning flour, but there is no spicy sensation like the original variant.

  1. Rice Box KFC: KFC India

If you want to save money but still feel full when eating from KFC menu India, choose the KFC Rice Box, which offers an amount that appears little but is extremely filling. KFC rice boxes come in three flavours: oriental, black pepper, and barbecue and are served under both KFC veg menu, KFC non veg menu and kfc menu bucket. Each flavour has a distinct flavour. 

This KFC menu has a spicy taste if you choose the oriental variety, a sweet and sour taste if you choose the barbecue variant, and a spicy taste if you choose the black pepper variant. This cuisine is provided in the shape of little chicken bits, similar to chicken popcorn. Because of its convenient packing, this KFC menu is ideal for travelling.

  1. KFC Snack Bucket: KFC India

The next recommendation came from the KFC Snack Bucket menu and kfc burger menu. This KFC menu contains a variety of filling snacks like chicken strips, Fun Fries, KFC Winger, and chicken balls. There’s also a personal version of the KFC Snack Bucket menu with bucket items like potatoes, wings, chicken balls, or chicken strips.

This KFC Snack Bucket comes with a choice of sauces, including barbecue sauce and black pepper. According to the search engine query ‘today KFC menu with prices India’, KFC chicken bucket is the all time favorite of Indians from the KFC menu card. 

  1. Winger Combo: KFC India

The winger combo is one of the KFC menus that comes in a package, but don’t worry because the price is lower. This KFC menu & kfc prices consists of four crispy wings with several skin selections, white rice, and a glass of soda that you can select and request at any KFC location. You can eat sparingly while your tummy is full by ordering this KFC menu. Even the size of KFC’s trademark chicken wings is sufficient for two people to enjoy.

  1. Vegetable Strips: KFC India

The vegetable strips caused the chicken to be ditched in the dumps because the deep-fried batter found its way around vegetables. Well, what do you expect when most people in India are vegetarians?

This is the most ordered item in India from the KFC veg menu for kfc price list offerings. 

The vegetable strips are beautifully colored thanks to the mix of carrots, corn, peas, and potato. This food could pass as a side dish or a snack. However, they have other vegetarian options like the vegetable rice bowl, the Paneer Zinger, and the Potato Crisper Burger if you want to explore.

TIP: You can refer to the visualised KFC menu attached with the article to keep an eye on KFC menu prices and kfc menu with prices in india.

More Food Items on KFC Menu India:

  • Chicken Popcorn
  • Pot pie
  • Chicken sandwiches 
  • Cookies
  • KFC famous bowls
  • KFC zinger burgers
  • KFC biryani buckets

Final Thoughts 

KFC provides a wide variety of delectable menu choices ranging from classic to imaginative, standard to very distinctive. 

The popular ‘Our restaurant’ community has made it exceedingly easy for practically everyone, from crispy chicken aficionados to spice fanatics, vegetable seekers, and beyond, to find something they can appreciate on the KFC menu. 

However, you can’t go wrong with any of the KFC menu items on this list, especially as a side to the traditional KFC chicken bucket topped with kfc biryani bucket price!