KFC Burger Prices | KFC Zinger Burger | KFC Burgers Menu Prices

KFC Burger Prices

The KFC brand is one of the world’s most popular and successful restaurant chains. KFC is most known for its delectable fried chicken and finger – lickin’ KFC zinger burgers which are available globally.

Following us via the yummiest blog will reveal the KFC burger prices. KFC has numerous locations throughout India. This restaurant is recommended for those who adore fried chicken dishes and adores to savour their taste buds via a diverse KFC menu.

There are numerous chicken recipes to pick from, such as KFC fried chicken and KFC chicken burgers.

There is a price range between ₹74 and ₹600 for KFC menu items. The cheapest item on the KFC menu is Fresh Fruit Tender Coconut Ice Cream while the most expensive item on the KFC menu is Berry Dark Chocolate Cake.

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KFC Burger Prices | KFC Chicken Burger

This patty really does remind you of a crunchy dipped meat patty sprinkled with spicy peri peri seasonings to tantalise your taste buds upon the  first bite. Given the KFC Chicken Burger Price In India of Rs.150, it’s well worth it!

The KFC New Burger and KFC Chicken burger price is less (compared with the KFC Zinger Burger price) a-la-carte and for the set which comes with fries and a pepsi.

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When it comes to texture, KFC chicken burgers have the same texture or bite as their Zinger burger, not to mention the breading is different – it’s because the ridges in the chicken generate more crunch, however the exterior of this patty is full of crunch and flavour.

Let’s take a deeper look at the KFC burger menu, kfc burger price list and KFC burger prices structure along with combo offers such as kfc value burger meal price.

KFC Favorites₹399
Buddy Meal₹450
Classic Chicken Zinger Burger₹150
Cheesy Chicken Zinger Burger₹170
Mixed Zinger Burger Duo₹309
Classic Chicken Zinger Burger & Fries Combo₹235
Classic Chicken Zinger-Fries & Drinks Meal₹295
Classic Chicken Zinger Combo₹275
Classic Chicken Zinger Combo Large₹325
Veg Zinger & Fries Combo₹225
Veg Zinger-Fries & Drinks Meal₹285
Veg Zinger Burger₹140
Cheesy Chicken Zinger with Fries Combo₹259
  • KFC Favourites price ₹399
  • KFC Buddy Meal price ₹450
  •  KFC Classic Chicken Zinger Burger price ₹150
  •  KFC Cheesy Chicken Zinger Burger price ₹170
  •  Mixed Zinger Burger Duo price ₹309
  • Fries and  KFC Classic Chicken Zinger Burger price ₹235
  • Drinks Meal and KFC Classic Chicken Zinger price  ₹295
  •  KFC Classic Chicken Zinger Combo price ₹275
  •  KFC Classic Chicken Zinger Combo Large price ₹325 
  • KFC Veg Zinger & Fries Combo price ₹225
  •  KFC Veg Zinger-Fries & Drinks Meal price ₹285
  •  KFC Veg Zinger Burger price ₹140 
  • Cheesy Chicken Zinger with Fries Combo₹259
  • KFC Vegan Burger price ₹170