is ordering food online safe

Is Ordering Food Online Safe? Is Take Out Food Safe? Keeping all such queries from the audience in mind, we have articulated this blog to answer them all. We understand that the pandemic breakout has shaken everyone to their very core. Worry not.

The main purpose of Our Restaurant is to resolve all your queries. Aside from suggesting the precaution and safety measures, we highly recommend you choose only the Top Restaurants In Indore for your and your loved one’s safety.

Anyways, let’s keep moving forward. So as per the data ninjas, food delivery through the internet has become a common occurrence in our daily lives. In the early days of the pandemic-induced lockdown, demand for buying food online was low; nonetheless, a substantial number of people around the world have resumed ordering food online.

Meanwhile, food packaging has undergone significant adjustments as a result of the epidemic outbreak. Online purchases of packaged (canned) foods are also raising concerns about their safety and health.

People are raising queries such as Is It Safe To Get Takeaways? Is Takeout Safe? Are there any dangerous substances in restaurant foods? and more so, because they are terrified and a lot more concerned about their loved ones at the same time.

With these issues in mind, the concerned and authorized researchers have thoroughly looked after the matter. They have studied and analyzed more than a dozen papers, general, and articles on food packaging and its many other aspects around the world. The goal of these food critics is to figure out how safe the packaged foods we eat are.

Is Ordering Food Online Safe? [Latest Report]

is ordering food online safe

On April 15, the Indian food safety regulator, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), released a thorough guideline, asking all food businesses and delivery companies to follow it for food cleanliness and safe delivery.

The FSSAI regulation recommends Social distancing among other things, such as a minimum space of one meter being maintained between two people at all times in a food facility. According to FSSAI, “Social distance tries to minimize physical contact between persons and hence limit the risk of new infections through a variety of techniques.”

Safety Measures We Should Consider First

is ordering food online safe or not

Due to the dread of the virus spreading, the globe was facing a major food crisis in the midst of an outbreak. People who had to work or study outside of their hometown or home country faced a huge problem. When the food servants stopped arriving, the only places to eat were restaurants or other eateries. But the major question was, Is Ordering Food Online Safe?

Here are some precautions you must take while receiving your food order.

Order from verified sources only – It is not the time to try out new eating establishments. Cleanliness is currently the priority, so only orders from outlets you know are safe. Order from restaurants where you’ve eaten for years while keeping safety in mind. Avoid ordering from any establishment that serves subpar food or has previously made you sick.

The ordering platform’s website has detailed instructions for food preparation, kindly read them carefully and then order. Or if you want to avoid the hassle of all this, visit Our Restaurant’s official website and order from the Best Takeaway Restaurants In Raipur.

Hand sanitizer – We need to wash our hands. We need to wash our hands after receiving the package. If you have sanitized and placed your household utensil in your hand, you must wash your hands again. Getting your hands as clean as possible helps keep you safe.

Use a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. After opening the package, avoid contacting your lips, eyes, nose, or any other body area. And please do not do any home DIYs for sanitizers, use the one you buy from the medical store only.

Select delivery with no contact – The No Contact delivery service has been implemented by all of the food partners with the pandemic breakout. Your package will be kept in a carry bag by the delivery lad outside your house. As a result, the delivery person’s contact with the consumer is minimized.

Select the Contactless Delivery Option – This is self-evident! Contactless food delivery reduces customer-to-delivery person contact and is the most convenient way to get meals right now!

All food partners have implemented No Contact delivery services following the pandemic outbreak. You can also use any of the existing digital payment alternatives because all food aggregators have removed the cash-on-delivery option.

Apart from this, still, there are people who want to visit the restaurants. Meanwhile, they should have to make sure that the place they are visiting is safe and they can visit the outlet without any tension. But for that, the person has the consider the plenty of ways to choose a safe restaurant.

So, ordering online can be comparatively safer, because you will have to chance to sit at your own place. You can maintain the hygiene very easily, you can easily make sure that everything is safe and you won’t get into trouble.

Discard the food packaging immediately – According to a study published recently, the virus can survive for up to 24 hours on cardboard and 3 days on plastics. So, as soon as you take your food items out of the wrapping, transfer the contents to a bowl or plate and throw away the packaging as soon as possible.


Is It Safe To Get Takeaways

To sum up it all, ordering food online could be safe if you follow the above-mentioned precautions carefully. Aside from these measures, you can take precautions while buying groceries or cooking your own meal at home for maximum safety.

Measures like separating food to avoid cross-contamination, using a food thermometer to ensure foods are cooked to a safe internal temperature, rinsing fresh fruits and vegetables under running water, washing your hands, and kitchen utensils, etc. could be useful for keeping you safe.

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