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Burger King Menu India

Hamburger or burger is one of the world’s most popular fast-food burger menus. The very famous Burger King menu has fillings including a patty of ground meat, often chicken, sandwiched between two cut buns. Aside from that, there are sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, pickles, lettuces, and even cheese if you want to add them.

When it comes to fast-food restaurants that provide burgers at their locations, Burger King’s menu has been well-known for years for the outstanding taste and high quality of their burgers.

Burger King is an American global brand of hamburger fast-food restaurants that was founded in 1954. Furthermore, the company includes nutritional information for each Burger King stunner menu item to assist guests in making “informed decisions in customising their meals.

Every day, over 11 million people visit Burger King locations worldwide, and India is undoubtedly one of them because of the very famous Burger King Menu India offering items customised to Indian taste buds. If you want tasty burgers with a variety of alternatives at reasonable costs, you should explore Burger King menu along with Burger King Prices.

Burger King India has put in great hard work to curate a range of menus like Burger King breakfast menu and Burger King combo menu for the Indian Market. With inputs from the best in the trade chefs like Vicky Ratnani and with more than 50 years of experience in flipping out millions of burgers a day, you’ll be amazed by the work they have put in to cater to the palates of us “crazy Indians”. It deserves the Que and it deserves your visit.

If you are a true blue foodie, we are sure you already have made plans to explore Burger king menu India along with consideration of Burger King rates. Considering the Indian market, Burger King has launched specifics according to search queries they witness such as Burger King Guwahati Menu or Burger King Mumbai Menu.

Furthermore, if you want to try something other than items available on top of Burger King Menu India, they also serve fried chicken, fries, and a variety of beverages! However, the majority of their hallmark Burger king menus are burgers which are both excellent and affordable. Now, before you pick on what burgers to have today from Burger King combo menu, take a look at the list below!

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Burger King Menu India | Burger King Menu With Price In India

Mutton Double Whopper₹329
Mutton Masala Whopper₹259
Chicken Double Whopper₹219
Mutton Whopper₹219
Veg Double Whopper₹199
Chicken Masala Whopper₹199
Veg Masala Whopper₹189
Chicken Whopper₹149
Veg Whopper₹139
Classic Burgers
Fiery Chicken₹159
Chicken Tandoor Grill₹149
Paneer King’s Melt₹129
Chicken Chilli Cheese…₹129
Veg Chilli Cheese Melt₹119
BK Grill Chicken₹99
BK Veggie₹95
Crispy Chicken₹75
Crispy Veg₹55
Loaded Wraps
Chicken Keema Wrap₹79
Crispy Veg Wrap₹59
Chicken Keema Fries₹129
Cheesy Fries₹99
King Fries₹90
Medium Fries₹80
Regular Fries₹70
Peri Peri Fries₹90
Black Currant Smoothie₹169
Strawberry Smoothie₹169
Mango Thick Shake₹139
Chocolate Thick Shake₹139
Strawberry Thick Shake₹139
Spicy Chicken Sticks (5…₹69
Veggie Strips (5 Pieces)₹49
Cold Coffee₹99
2 Good Menu
Too much chocolate. Never!₹149
Who doesn’t like 2 sundaes. Pun intended.₹89
Double delight for mango lovers.₹149
U wont stop at 1, we bet.₹149
Sharable Combo
Chicken Delight Combo for 2₹614
Veg Delight Combo for 2₹544
Chicken Everyday Mean Combo for 2₹358
Veg Everyday Mean Combo for 2₹318
Chicken Feast Combo for 3₹615
Veg Feast Combo for 3₹495
Chicken Kings Meal Combo for 4₹745
Veg Kings Meal Combo for 4₹665
Chicken Feast
2 Crispy Chicken Supreme + 2 Grill + 2 Fries M + Spicy Sticks + 4 Pepsi₹833
1 Chicken Tandoor Grill + 1 Fiery Chicken + 1 Keema Fries + 1 Fries (M) + 2 Pepsi₹635
1 Chicken Tandoor Grill + 1 King Fries + 1 Spicy Chicken Sticks + 2 Pepsi₹575
1 Fiery Chicken + 1 Chicken Chilli Cheese + 1 King Fries + 1 Spicy Chicken Sticks + 2 Pepsi₹565
2 Crispy Chicken + Chicken Keema Fries + 2 Pepsi₹397
1 Fiery Chicken + Chicken Keema Fries + 1 Pepsi₹347
Meal Combos
Mutton Whopper Combo – King₹388
Fiery Chicken Combo – King₹328
  1. Whopper: Burger King Menu

Of course, this Whopper burger of Burger king menu India should be the first recommendation on the best Burger King stunner menu. The Whopper burger has grown in popularity since its introduction in 1957.

Whopper is one of the most well-known Burger King signature menus, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It consists of a quarter-pound flame-grilled juicy patty sandwiched between soft and fresh buns with the perfect combination of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions, crunchy pickles, mayo, and ketchup.

  1. Cheeseburger: Burger King Menu

Don’t worry if you like classics and cheese! One of the eight finest Burger King menu recommendations is a cheeseburger. This cheeseburger’s fillings are a flame-grilled 100% chicken or veg patty that is incredibly juicy and tasty cheese slices.

In addition, this burger from Burger King Stunner menu comes with fresh pickles, mustard sauce, and tomato sauce. This delicious cheeseburger is perfect for cheese lovers!

  1. Classy Crispy Chicken Burger: Burger King Menu

Some of you must adore chicken and would choose a chicken patty over any patty on any given occasion. However, we have you covered!

This Classic Crispy Chicken Burger from Burger King burger menu is made up of crunchy chicken fillets free of MSG, fresh lettuces, and mayonnaise sauce, all wrapped up in soft and fresh burger buns.

Furthermore, the taste is a little spicy, but it is still pleasant enough that youngsters can enjoy this Burger King Stunner menu.

  1. Fish Burger: Burger King Menu

Another excellent Burger King menu tip is the BK Fish Burger. If you don’t like both beef and chicken patties, don’t worry! For those of you who prefer fish to other meats, Burger King has this option.

BK Fish Burger features all of these items as fillings between its soft buns: fish fillet, tartar sauce spread, and American cheese slices. This burger’s delicious flavour is quite addictive!

Burger King Menu Other Innovations

  • However, Burger King just released its Angriest Whopper; a really fiery burger to India following its success in the US, so we’re crossing our fingers.
  • In March of this year, the company also returned their renowned chicken fries to their Burger king chicken menu. They have recently added Grilled Dog emojis to their Chicken Fries keyboard, signalling the arrival of grilled dogs to their menu.

Furthermore, the chain has also announced that it will be reviving its 10 nuggets for $1.49 deal for a limited amount of time considering the Burger King rates or prices. Enough reasons to explore Burger King Menu? We think so too!