Best Seafood In Goa

In the edition of best seafood in India – We take you to mouth – watering handpicked journey of famous seafood in Goa curated by the State’s top foodies!

Is there much to choose from Goa’s fresh catch resulting in it to be acclaimed as the best seafood in Goa and worldwide for its ultimate delectable and fresh cuisine?

If you approach anyone in Goa, they will likely provide a recommendation for their favourite location to get the best seafood in Goa. These recommendations will typically be for little joints or pubs that serve a fish thali, or they will be for restaurants famed for their fish curries and fried fish.

Goa has exclusive top picks from the wide array of inventory available in the famous sea food of Goa, but not only limited to the following: flat lepo (sole fish), chonak (giant sea perch), xinaneo (mussels), visvonn (kingfish), tisryo (clams), kalvam (oysters), black and white pomfrets, and many more. Fried is the easiest preparation method for this fish to enjoy (with a generous coating of rava).

The Arabian Sea has bestowed a wide variety of seafood in Goa.

What really can hit the spot for you? Is it the Holy trinity (of Goan cuisine which has backed accolades as one of the best sea foods in Goa? Or is it the famous Fried Bombay Duck?

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Best Seafood In Goa | The Real Taste Of Goa

Here we are going to share the top 4 famous seafood in Goa that make the State paradise for the seafood lovers:

Fish Recheado

  • Recheado is a type of hot paste that is typically made with chilies, vinegar, special spices, ginger, and garlic. Mackerel or Pomfret are stuffed with the paste and then fried until they reach that perfect golden crispness.
  • Fish Recheado can be found on restaurant menus in two forms: marinated and shallow-fried, or semolina-fried. It’s best to sample both to determine which one best satisfies your palate. The Fish Recheado is typically served with fish curry and rice in Goan restaurants which makes it stand out among the best seafood in Goa!

2. Shark Ambot Tik

  • Don’t be shocked; shark is considered a gourmet dish in Goa!
  • Popular among the best seafood suckers in Goa, Shark Ambotik can be found on the menus of any respectable seafood establishment. Ambot Tik refers to a type of curry that strikes the ideal balance between sour and spicy flavours. The dish gets its name from the red chilies and kokum that give it their flavour.
  • Shark meat is used to make the fiery red curry because the meat is thick and the shark has only one skeletal bone. In most cases, it is accompanied by a Pav or steamed rice.

3. Meat of the Xacuti

  • Goan buffet lunches almost never dearth for the Xacuti, a curry made with indigenous spices. Crabs and freshly ground spices are used to create this fiery curry.
  • The crab is first cleaned (the claws are removed), then boiled, and finally added to the curry. The crab’s natural juices elevate the curry’s flavour to a whole new level. Eggs are added to some preparations to make the curry creamier and more substantial.

4. Balchao Prawns

  • The Portuguese brought their tangy and spicy Prawns Balchao to Goa. To make this dish, you’ll need to combine prawns with a masala of oil, ginger, garlic, tomato, onions, red pepper flakes, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, vinegar, and salt. It’s preserved in a pickle and can be kept in the bottle for a long time.
  • For those who prefer a milder flavour, some eateries offer a milder version that goes well with rice as a side dish. Your lunch will be one to remember if you order the Prawns Balchao and have it served over a bed of hot, fluffy rice.

The Takeaway

The thought of Goa conjures up images of seafood that is crisp, abundant, and mouthwateringly delectable and produces the best seafood in the country.

The coastal town is well-known for both the quality of its seafood and the vibrant nightlife that it offers.

It is difficult to avoid eating the best seafood in Goa, as many restaurants offer seafood buffet lunches and a wide variety of seafood dishes on their menus.

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