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Best Restaurants in Noida; THE ASIAN BISTRO

If you are wandering in search of the Best Restaurants In Noida, then you are at the right place. We present the Best Chinese Restaurants In Noida to you. Which is serving every type of food to the foodies, whether you want to try Chinese, Italian, or even India, The Asian Bristo offers you the all.

When you are on a vacation, or the weekend is around the corner, you want to take your family out to someplace that has delicious food. We can accommodate large friend groups, nuclear families, extended families, couples, etc. We have spaces for everyone. The Asian Bistro is confident that everyone will find something they will love in our menu.

This blog is specially articulated to familiarize all our Noidities to Best Dine-In Restaurants In Noida and best place to find your ideal restaurant in various Indian cities of course “Our Restaurant“. Continue reading, to know more about us.


While visiting the Best Restaurants In Noida, you can expect a homely atmosphere in our Best Dining Restaurant In Noida. As soon as you step through the door, you will be greeted kindly with a bright smile.

The quality of customer service and hospitality you are going to receive with us will leave a memorable impression. We understand that customer service can make or break someone’s experience.

So we invested in the right staff only, who knows soft skills like hospitality and communication skills.

Being one of the Best Restaurants In Noida we follow the pandemic protocols strictly, so need not be concerned about safety measures.

  • Our staff will check your temperature and sanitize your hands.
  • Maintaining physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet, when queuing up for entry
  • Seating arrangement to be made in such a way that adequate social distancing is maintained.
  • Staff required to regularly wash hands
Best Restaurants In Noida For Family


The noise levels in restaurants can be a real problem. The noise levels in restaurants sometimes reach uncomfortable levels as cooks and servers set down and pick up dishes and cutlery, as well as various guests attempting to converse. But you will not face this issue with us. We have installed fabric sound panels, noise-reducing linen tablecloths, creating more barriers between diners and the cooking area so that you can have a peaceful, noise-free ambiance with your loved ones. We have created a great atmosphere that is felt from the very moment you walk through the doors of one of the Best Restaurants In Noida. Well-chosen and appropriate soundtracks accompany your dining experience.

We incorporate brand colors and well-known concepts into our restaurant for the customers. In our cafe, we have put high-end furniture as well as excellent music services. You’ll feel right at home with the warm wood design and chaotic vibe. In our client service, we play the perfect music mix. We have sitting available outside, on the roof, and on the balcony.

Make a reservation for one of the Best Dining Restaurants In Noida now. Being one of the industry leaders and of course one of the highly-rated Best Restaurants In Noida. We believe serving you the taste with hygiene is the best we can do for you. Our Restaurant always tries to bring the best to our customers. That is why are available almost everywhere in India. You can search for Best Restaurant In Indore, Meerut, Dehradun, etc.


The Asian Bistro is made to accommodate all size groups! For large groups of friends and families, we have specially designed furniture for you. Our service ensures that you do not have to split up from your group. After all, the motto of our Best Indian Restaurant In Noida is happy customers that is our USP and of course, because of it, we are rated one of the Best Restaurants In Noida. We just ask you to let us know about your visit at least a day before so that we can adequately prepare for your group.

Among our youthful Noidites, the Asian Bistro is renowned as the Best Restaurant In Noida For Couples. We make arrangements for you to surprise your lover with the most romantic date ever. So, if you’re seeking fantastic food, exciting conversations, and a romantic evening with your sweetheart, come to our restaurant, which seems to be one of the Best Romantic Restaurants In Noida. We can create a space that is unique to you and your companion.


It’s no secret that bad customer service can ruin your whole vibe. Such scenarios only occur when the staff is not well trained and educated. Well, this is not the case at The Asian Bistro. Our restaurant is one of the Best Fine Dining Restaurants In Noida, we thrive in treating each guest that walks through our doors as just another member of the family. We make sure everyone entering our restaurant feels appreciated. Our staff is well trained and educated. We treat everyone at the same priority level. When you visit us, our staff will show you have plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable. We greet everyone with open arms and look forward to more visits in the future.

About us

The Asian Bistro is a cozy and aesthetic place with live music. It is a two floors eatery offering a soothing ambiance with a peaceful vibe that will keep calling you back. We serve beautiful décor and appetizing cuisines at our eatery. The Asian Bistro is known as one of the Best Restaurants In Noida For Dinner for its scrumptious food and devoted hospitality. Italian and Indian cuisines are some of the must-try food genres at our place.

On Food Apps, the Asian Bistro is now listed as one of the Best Delivery Restaurants In Noida. Pick up the phone and place an order for exquisite meals to be delivered to your door without any additional delivery charge.



Google Maps Embedded – It is easier to reach our one of the Best restaurants In Noida now. The Asian Bistro is available on Google maps. All you need to do is insert the name of our Best Chinese Restaurant In Noida in the app (Google Map) and it will direct you to The Asian Bistro.

Customers can use this map to swiftly locate our restaurants’ locations and reviews. A Google pin with a glimpse of our gourmet venue’s location, address, reviews, stars, and directions will appear on the map which helps you decide your food spot. The map has all the necessary detailed-information about veg and non veg food, traffic points, other famous spots nearby.

google maps

The Asian Bistro, one of the Best Restaurants In Noida Sector 18 is clearly marked on the map to assist you in finding it. It is also a helpful tool that allows our visitors to quickly access Our Restaurant’s official website and obtain a quick summary of our restaurant. In addition to telling you where our Best Fine Dinning Restaurants In Noida located, a Google map will show you nearby points of interest such as parking lots, theatres, and parks.

Visitors who are unsure where our restaurant is can use the surrounding locations as a guide. In addition if you like our food, please do not hesitate to share your reviews on our Best Dine-In Restaurants In Noida.


Reservations and Home Delivery; Best Delivery Restaurants In Noida – Reservations in restaurants are basically an arrangement guests made in advance to confirm a table for dinner. As our one of the Best Dinning Restaurants In Noida is in high demand these days, making reservations is required. You can make reservations via phone call or online mode.

Visit the official website of our Best Romantic Restaurants In Noida, basically Our Restaurants and find the reservation option  at the bottom of the page. Make your reservations for the weekend today! In addition, you can save up to 40-50% on reservations made in advance. So go ahead and do it now.

Make a reservation at The Asian Bistro, Best Dinning Restaurants In Noida. At midnight, are hunger sensations interfering with your concentration? Visit Our Restaurant’s official website and check out our menu and place an order right now. Everything is just a click away, from reservation to home delivery.


The Asian Bistro has been ranked as one of the Best Indian Restaurants In Noida. We feel fortunate enough to serve customers like you. We feel heartily grateful for all the kind and honest reviews and promise you to be consistent in our service. This is what our customers have to say about The Asian Bistro. Find out for yourself through the given below reviews.