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Best Restaurant In CP

Welcome, all the readers! You will be pleased to know that we have brought you the Best Restaurant In CP, in the heart of the capital city. Yes! Our Restaurant has once again come up with their scrumptious dishes and purely magical vibe in Delhi and to be more specific, in Connaught Place. You do not have to experiment with your taste buds anymore, straightaway visits our Connaught Place Bar And Restaurant or we must Hop & Chop.

Delhi is peppered with gastronomical checkpoints that put the city on the huge map of global cuisines, from the ancient to the modern, traditional to contemporary, heritage to hipster, a glamorous fine-dining marvel to hole-in-the-wall bistro. Everything is made available in Delhi. But what if it’s all available in one place? Yes! Hop & Chop, a high-end classy Restaurant In Connaught Place is one such restaurant that can offer you anything you need. Just figure your mood, and we will serve in accordance to the same.

This article covers all of the necessary information about Hop & Chop, our Restaurant In Connaught Place. Dive into the article and let’s see if you can withstand the temptation.


We will welcome you cordially and generously when you visit our Best Indian Restaurant in Connaught Place or even other locations like Bareilly, Dehradun, or even one of the Top Restaurants In Meerut. Hop & Chop, a  Roof Top Restaurant In CP, aspires to make each and every one of our visitors feel especially special. With the outstanding hospitality abilities, we leave no stone untouched as the well-regarded Best Indian Restaurant In CP. As a result, we have employed professionals to create a fantastic atmosphere with appropriate lighting that matches the ethos of our cuisine. To provide a mesmerizing client experience, we have invested in the best human resources.

If you’re worried about visiting our Best Restaurant In CP because of the covid spread, do not be. We have got you covered. During the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO published information about best practices for operating retail food stores, restaurants, and related pick-up and delivery services to protect workers and consumers. Hop & Chop as one of the top Restaurants In CP strictly follow all the precautions suggested by the World Health Organization.

  • In public areas, employees must wear face masks.
  • Guests and workers at our Best Restaurant In CP have access to hand sanitizer.
  • The staff of our Restaurant In Connaught Place has daily temperature and symptom checks.
  • The dinning tables at Our Roof Top Restaurant In CP are socially separated to keep guests apart.
  • We are the Best Indian Restaurant In CP or to be more specific Best South Indian Restaurant In CP. Everthing is cooked using hands here. SO, to ensure your safety, all our employees washes their hands on frequent basis.
  • Tables are cleaned between guests in public spaces, so guests must wear face masks.
  • Almost all The Connaught Restaurant of Delhi has designated floors for social segregation.
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Well, what could be better than a weekend reunion with your best college friends at the Best Restaurant In CP? Right. So come visit us if you’re yearning for a long talk with your friends. Hop & Chop, the Best Restaurant In CP is located in the heart of the city. According to the latest customer reviews, Hop & Chop is the Best Restaurant In CP. Many of our guests’ also says, Hop & Chop will become anyone’s favorite spot in town as it offers both outdoor and indoor seating areas with great decor. Our Fine Dining Restaurant In CP has sophisticated interiors and serves delectable South-East Asian food on its menu. The natural light that streams in from the wide french windows brings out the elegance of the design. So we believe our Bar And restaurant In CP is a perfect place to hang out with your friends or family.

So, when you have had your fill of chattering in the opulent decor of our top-rated Good Restaurants In CP, sink into delectable meals. While you’re here, try delicacies like the Mexican Bowl, Tuna Sandwich, and Verdure Pizza, to name a few delectable options.

To mention a few specialties on our menu, we have Stir-Fried Fish With Chilli And Basil, Crispy Lotus Stem, Xo Chicken Fried Rice, Steamed Edamame, Chicken Satay, Basil Chilli Tofu, and Chicken Bo Tai Satay! Once you visit our Top Restaurant In CP, Hop & Chop you are definitely going to drop by again.

Being one of the industry leaders and the marketplace to locate the ideal restaurants for every specific occasion. Our Restaurant is the name which always tries to serve you the best. Whether you are finding for the Best Fine Dine Restaurants In Indore, Raipur, Noida, Dehradun, or any other location, we are available in most cities to help you locate the ideal eatery place for you.


Hop & Chop, as the best Rajasthani Restaurant In CP, is a firm believer on if a restaurant serving authentic Rajasthani cuisine features pictures and art depicting Rajasthan, the consumer would be instantly transported to the gorgeous location and will have a stronger connection to the meal.

As a result, each one of the interiors and decors in our Best Restaurant In CP is unique. This is done in order for us to create a distinct and approachable Rajasthani Restaurant in CP. All of this effort has proven to be worthwhile in our experience, as it has aided us in gaining positive word-of-mouth.

Yes, we understand that home cooking has its allure. But, occasionally, a getaway from home-cooked meals is a good idea. For a weekend celebration filled with luxury, tranquillity, and exquisite service, come to our magnificent and Best Restaurant In Connaught Place Delhi. After all, everyone deserves a break from the piles of work at our Best Restaurant In CP.



Eating out at a Restaurant In CP has a lot more to do than the serving and eating of food. While that is the primary service, a customer also expects a good experience when eating out in Good Restaurants In CP. All in all, good customer service is about giving your customer memorable eating out. Because after chasing our dreams on weekdays all we want to do sometimes is sit down and eat in a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

The well-trained and educated personnel of our one of the high-end Family Restaurants In CP, on the other hand, ensures that your dining out experience is both delightful and fascinating. Some of us are aware of what to look for, while others may want some direction. That is something we well understand. So, if you are not sure how to make your restaurant visit a lasting memory, our well-trained personnel will assist you in making the experience remarkable. We have prepared them in such a way that they can recommend dishes to you based on your preferences. The staff of our Fine Dining Restaurants In CP, Hop & Chop will also introduce you to the specialties of our Best Restaurant In Connaught Place Delhi.


Our lively and eccentric Bar And Restaurant In CP, which is a bit of a hidden gem, provides delicious freshly made, scrumptious dishes every day. You will notice gorgeous and antique paintings of Stoics and other Greek Lords all over the room, as well as loads of sunlight streaming in via wide windows.

Hop & Chop is a 5-star Best Restaurant In CP that is also affordable. We can also deliver food to your doorstep, just contact us via the given below contact details. Oh, are you wondering, Is Ordering Food Online Safe during the pandemic? Know about it all at Our Restaurant.

Services – We offer the following services at Hop & Chop, the Best Restaurant In CP. Outdoor seating, private dining, seating, parking, validated parking, valet parking, television, highchairs, and wheelchair accessibility are all available.

Takeout, reservations, and a variety of other services are available at our Restaurants Near GK 2 and even on other outlets as well. So, of course, you can visit the restaurants associated with us to experience the superb services. Serves alcoholic beverages. The wifi is free and there is a complete bar. Credit Cards, Table Service, Buffet, Wine and Beer, and Digital Payments are all accepted. Family-friendly Restaurant with a separate smoking room.



Thank you for your interest in Hop & Chop. We understand that there are much other food dumps to choose from, so please accept our sincere gratitude and know that you are a valued customer. However, we attempt to provide the best service possible, and we welcome feedback on how we can improve. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback on how we can better serve you. Thank you for naming Hop & Chop as one of the Best Family Restaurants in CP.

” We recently went to Hop & Chop, Best Restaurant In CP. It had a great buffet of very nice quality cuisine. The staff is also quite pleasant and helpful. The staff at this Top Restaurant In CP were also really kind and friendly. We appreciate their going above and beyond to assist us. We had a great experience here, without a doubt. The ambiance was excellent, with plenty of space and comfort. The food was excellent. The service was excellent. My heartfelt gratitude to the manager and employees for their excellent and timely service. And kudos to the chef for creating a special lunch for us.”

“Hop & Chop’s buffet supper was excellent. The personnel was really attentive and on their toes. This is one of the Best Restaurants in CP, with a large menu and a vast variety of foods. They had everything on the menu, including Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine, as well as a variety of sweets. (Probably, The Best Chinese Restaurant Connaught Place.) Even though some of the dishes were distinctive, they were all delicious. The service was also excellent. The staff is very well trained and was extremely helpful throughout our meal. The manager provided extra assistance and direction during our dinner, which made it much more enjoyable. This is one of the best fine dining restaurants in CP, and I would love to suggest it to others.”

“We had heard that Hop & Chop was the Best Restaurant in Connaught Place Delhi. So my wife and I decided to pay it a visit over the weekend. And we have to admit that we were not disappointed. The food was delicious, and the service was prompt and efficient, with reasonable costs. The service was quite helpful, and the meal selection was superb. I had a fant4rd4rdastic meal with my wife here. A fantastic place to enjoy Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Jain cuisine. They had also established a relaxing eating setting. The music was flawless. The overall ambiance was ideal for supper with your wife. Overall, I had a fantastic time. We had a great time and will be back soon.”

“My family and I had a great time at Hop & Chop, a Local Restaurant In CP. It serves Gujarati, Rajasthani, and Jain cuisine. Not just Indian, but also international cuisines are available. They serve Italian, Thai, Chinese, and a variety of other cuisines. The menu was extensive, and the cuisine was wonderful. The staff was extremely polite and helpful. Our waitress was knowledgeable about the menu and made us feel special by making sure we got what we wanted on time. I’ve been to a lot of places that provide delicious food, but Hop & Chop is by far the finest. Among all the Family Restaurants in CP, this should be your first priority. It has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in the city. During the lockdown, I was unable to visit Hop & Chop.”

“My fiancée and I went on a date in Connaught Place, but the cafe we were supposed to go to was closed that day. So we decided to give Hop & Chop a try, and we were blown away. So, Hop & Chop is a Private Cabin Restaurant In CP. This Chinese Restaurant in CP has incomprehensible cuisine, atmosphere, and feelings. The staff was quite humble and down to earth, with a warm, welcoming smile on their faces. The food was delicious and real.
Special thanks to our server, who provided excellent recommendations based on our needs. He was courteous, friendly, and well-versed about the cuisine. We experienced a really pleasant and polite atmosphere there, all the time. This is the best Private Cabin Restaurant In CP I have ever been to. Thank you to him and the rest of the staff at this restaurant for a lovely evening.”