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Chinese Restaurant In CP

People are in crazy love with our Best Chinese Restaurant In CP. Trust us on that, you do not want to miss out on the delectable meals served by the high-end Chinese Restaurant In CP, Chinese Supper. Our Chinese Food Connaught Place has a large following all over India. We have taken real Chinese meals and given them a distinct Indian spin in the form of desi Chinese or Indo-Chinese cuisine because we have such a strong passion for food.

Each preparation at our Best Chinese Restaurant In CP is nothing short of gastronomic joy. From the sizzle in the Wok until the moment you bite into the dish. Our Chinese food, whether it’s a plate of crispy Lotus Stem or Kung Pao chicken, is perfect for a romantic supper or a hearty meal for your family. In today’s world where thousands of Chinese restaurants are springing up in nearly every part of the country, Chinese Supper serves the real flavor of the food. The ultimate taste and the unmatchable quality are the reasons why people are following Our Restaurant and visiting us frequently.


The Chinese Supper, the Best Chinese Restaurant Connaught Place is the finest location to go if you want to treat yourself to the Best Chinese Food In Connaught Place. Our fine-dining establishment is known for serving traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. Peking Duck, Beggar’s Chicken, and Dan-Dan noodles are some of our must-try or we must mention them as our specialties.

As you reach our Best Chinese Restaurant CP, you will realize that Chinese Supper is a no-frills eatery with an old-world feel, with dim lighting and modest décor. Jasmine Tea is one of our specialties. The customers really admire and recommend ordering several glasses of their Jasmine tea to all. In addition to that, if you are concerned about the epidemic spread. Well, the Chinese Supper would like to inform you that, being one of the best Chinese Connaught Place Restaurants we have taken all the required measures. Our staff ensures that our customers’ safety is our priority. So if you are wondering that Is Ordering Food Online Safe? Worry not, we have enlisted a few measures reinforced by our staff members even for online orders as well.

  • We clean the surfaces and high-touch points on a regular basis.
  • Physical separation, hand washing, and strengthened security procedures are all reinforced by all members of our personnel in our restaurant.
  • Chinese Supper, a Chinese Food Restaurant In CP teaches its employees about virus prevention and protection.
  • All employees and customers are only allowed to enter if they are wearing face covers or masks.
  • The staff and workers of our Connaught Chinese restaurant changes gloves on a regular basis.
Best Chinese Restaurant In CP


Private dining rooms, a wine cellar, a bar, and a spectacular al fresco experience are all available at Chinese Supper. Apart from this, the Chinese Supper is the ideal seating for a calm dinner date, sitting atop a manicured hill overlooking a spectacular stained glass boat construction. Moreover, Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine are the specialties of our Best Chinese Restaurant in CP. While dining here, you’re likely to run with notable socialites, politicians, fashion designers, movie stars, journalists, or sports personalities. So, you are going to have a a pleasant experience enjoying the beautiful and delicious Chinese food here at our eatery.


Chinese Supper is the Best Chinese Restaurant Connaught Place, New Delhi, and not just Delhi but in other locations too. We are the Best restaurant In Noida and the Best Restaurant In Bareilly as well. It becomes possible because of the love and trust you poured on us. Our restaurant serves Asian, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine, with Chinese cuisine being the most popular.

If someone enjoys Chinese cuisine, he or she should come to our restaurant at least once. Because we are confident that you will enjoy the meals served at our restaurant. In addition to that, if you don’t want to walk outdoors, you may book an order on call at our Connaught Chinese restaurant. This is considered to be one of the plus features that everyone wants in today’s life.

Here are a few additional perks of visiting our Best Chinese Restaurant CP:

  • On Sundays, complimentary desserts are served.
  • For certain occasions, you can get a free cake.
  • On Wednesdays, there is no limit to the amount of food you can eat.
  • With meal apps, you can save upto 50%.
  • Affordably priced dining with delicious food.
  • Every day, Happy Hours are offered for pre-booked Rooftop or outdoor seats.


Customer service has the power to make or break a person’s day. We recognize that individuals go to restaurants, clubs, cafes, and other such establishments to spend time with their loved ones. As a result, to ensure that you have the greatest experience possible, we have hired well-trained and educated employees who are familiar with customer service. Customer services essentially play an important role in making our eatery one of the Best Chinese Restaurant CP. Moreover, we acknowledge the fact that excellent customer service is a critical component of client happiness. So we assure you that our well-trained waiters treat clients with respect and go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional service.


Chinese Supper is one of everyone’s favorite Chinese Restaurants CP. This is due to the super tasty meals that build a perfect mix of the hot, sweet, and sour Chinese flavors. The staff at our Best Chinese Restaurant Connaught Place make every effort to give each of our recipes a modern spin while keeping their ethnicity in mind.

Additionally, Cantonese and Schezuan are two of the best Chinese cuisine styles. When you visit us, you must try our delicious Jumbo Prawns, Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts, and Toffee Banana for dessert! For all the dieters, you can also find several Healthy Dishes To Order At Restaurants.



The Chinese Supper would like to heartedly thank all the loyal customers. Your kind visits mean everything to us. Also, we are pleased to inform you that our Best China Garden Restaurant CP has extended its arms to other cities as well.

“The Chinese Supper, Best Chinese Restaurant In CP, is my go-to location for Chinese in the capital. Moreover, the meal is truly divine: top-notch ingredients, outstanding preparation, and a stress-free atmosphere. The majority of the dishes are Sichuan-inspired, with mainland-sourced spices. Simple foods like boiling fish with chilies, Chongqing chicken, and pork with cabbage are just outstanding.”

“It’s difficult to serve “authentic” Chinese food in a country like India, where consumers favor spiciness above flavor. Despite this, Chinese Supper continues to have four absolutely top-notch chefs who prepare the most delectable Chinese dishes. The quality of their cookery immediately distinguishes them. In addition to that, fried bacon with green chilies, steamed spinach, and shredded cucumber in peanut mustard sauce are just two dishes. Such cuisines highlight the essential knife skills as well as the unusual flavor combinations. I would never hesitate to recommend Chinese Supper as the Best Chinese Restaurant In Connaught Place.”

“My favorite spot for Chinese and pan-Asian food is Chinese Supper. In this cuisine, these two restaurants are unrivaled. At Chinese Supper, a Chinese restaurant near CP, I enjoy the cream cheese and truffle oil dim sums. Also, I really like the stone bowls, which are a combination of many Asian countries with a Korean style. Both of these meals have umami flavors that strike the spot every time.”

“I would always go to Chinese Supper if I had to eat authentic Chinese food. Also, the Chinese food here has a distinct flavor, which the cooks refer to as “getting smoke in the pan. I can’t express how much I admire the chefs at Chinese Supper.”

“Today, I had a family lunch. It was a small family get-together of about 20 people. The manager of the Best Chinese Restaurant in CP not only kept things running smoothly and on schedule. But he also left a lasting impression on us with his amazing kindness and delicious food. Above all, the food was delicious, the ambiance was lovely and Exceptional civility. To sum up it all, everything else went above and beyond my expectations.”